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Performance Μarketing Specialist

We’re looking for an aspiring Performance Μarketing Specialist, to help us with planning and implementing innovative Paid Advertising campaigns to grow the user base, traffic, and engagement for #NotOnlyIdeas and our international clients.

Depending on what you love to do and your skills, you might be:

  • Creating & optimizing campaigns across the digital landscape Facebook AdWords (Search, Display), Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Performing A/B testing & ROI optimization
  • Implementing programmatic advertising campaigns
  • Exploring other digital channels & new media (blog networks, native advertising)
  • Collaborating with the content team & providing data insights
  • Ad copywriting, testing and campaign optimization
  • Setting up and optimizing Google Analytics goals and tracking/conversion pixels
  • Extensive reporting & data analysis based on metrics that matter
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At #NotOnlyIdeas, we work in small groups and each one is responsible for the success of our company and clients.

We consider everything to be an experiment, of our management structure to our growth hacking marketing tactics, always keeping in mind our culture and values. We truly believe that without continual growth and progress, such words as achievement and success have no meaning.

We also strive for that great balance of being a team that feels like a family. That means we share feedback regularly, support each other’s self-improvement efforts, and take mistakes as opportunities to learn together.

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