817.000 people reached with Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton chose to work with NOI to increase their awareness by double digit growth in a 3-month period. Employer branding and corporate branding were on the agenda. #NOI rolled out a digital campaign

focused on the brand values and benefits of Grant Thornton. Using an intense SEM and Social Media campaign, #NOI managed to increase Grant Thornton’s share of voice, awareness and engagement.

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209 qualified online leads for Interfone

For Interfone, a Belgian provider of voice over IP telecom systems, #NotOnlyIdeas was asked to build an always on customer journey focused on lead acquisition. Using tactics with hyperpersonalized communication, #NotOnlyIdeas was able to

build a customer journey with hyperpersonalized communication. Until the current date, the campaign is generating a constant flow of highly valuable leads and prospects.

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An ecosystem around slow food for ScacciaZena

ScacciaZena has been created by one of the founding mothers of NOI to increase engagement with slow food and slow cooking as an alternative to the hamburger or pizza trend. Scaccia being an ancient Sicilian recipe stuffed with slow food ingredients, it was clear that it would ensure a surprising experience thanks to the recognized skills of the chef.

ScacciaZena built an ecosystem of suppliers, employees and clients around Scaccia inspiring other potential entrepreneurs to do the step. Facebook, Instagram audience segmentation, Search engine optimization combined with a strong UX adapted to the local market was the secret of our success

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