Marketing trends you need to know.


  • Engaging customer experience as they expect more than just a personalised message. It actually starts by focusing on employees and creating a cohesive culture. That is what will have an important impact on the final customer
  • Employee engagement: we are not only talking about human assets but also about love and passion. Show some true care to your employees and involve them in your story. I can assure you that this has a huge impact. But above all culture will become more important than customers.
  • Strategic sales and marketing transformation: globalisation has hit us. Peer to peer platforms, new economic models, a lot of unexpected competitors.  Established companies have a lot to offer but they need to dare to change the rules of the game. Company culture, and the liberty of trail and error will ensure that new business models can be tested and implemented
  • Search engine optimisation will increasingly become more important.
  • Omnichannel presence is not the one that fancies your mother: a lot of brands are still not testing their channel approach before investing the big budget. Data and testing will ensure that your final proposition stands apart in the advertisement blindness of the customer
  • Optimise for voice search but ensure that it will increase your leads. Avoid taking actions if it not contributing to the metrics you have set.
  • Focus on customer retention, advocacy, loyalty.
  • Marketing is becoming a more even playing field, there will be no other choice than leveraging automation and AI.  If everyone else is using it and you aren’t, you are going to get crushed because it will make changes faster and more accurately than a human. It will be the only option for you if want to continue competing.


Now is the time to start planning your 2020 marketing strategy if you haven’t already. Make sure you start 2020  a set of clear goals that align with the overall business goals. Do not forget to include an action plan on how you are going to achieve them and put in deadlines. Just to keep your focus sharp!

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