5 reasons how Alibaba beat ebay

Chinese companies always start with the customer

  • How can the customer trust you? Something that we in the Western world often take for granted
  • How can the customer benefit from it? We tend to look a bit less for this kind of win-win
  • How can we assist the customer more effectively? We tend not to consider client-service as something cool
  • What can make the life of your customer easier? We mainly focus on simplifying company processes

Of course there are also some Western companies that are quite customer centric such as Zalando or Amazon. Chinese companies heavily invest in  innovation in their client service instead of product innovation, and that is something where European companies are still struggling to close the gap.

It is this focus for instance on the customer that makes Chinese online business strong, especially in this decade where product innovation is becoming a common good that often has been produced in China. 

Ecosystems is what makes China stand out. Every company is part of an ecosystem or is building one. If you are competing in a large market that is continuously increasing, it is not solely the market share that will ensure your future. Growing faster than your competitors can be only happen if you keep reinventing yourself.

Are you wondering which trends might be affecting you? How is geopolitic impacting your business? Risk or opportunity? 

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Source Pascal Coppens, May 2019,  ‘Chinese new normal’ first edition, Pelckmans Pro

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