Our founder and CEO Fabrizio Miazzetto explains how choosing the right name for your brand can make our break your business.

The importance of choosing the correct brand name

The name of your brand is your greatest marketing tool. Let’s be honest, if your brand name is not having the right sound, or if it is not translating your values correctly, it will be a hurdle in growing your business.

A good brand name defines you in comparison with your competitors and it condenses the qualities of your products and services. Not all brand names will bring that value, and that’s why a good Naming Service is fundamental.

But there is more. Once you have found your brand/trademark, it should also be protected and therefore registered. Otherwise, you won’t be able to ensure your exclusivity to use it. But not all trademarks, however beautiful and captivating they may be, can be registered and therefore protected.

The added value that #NotOnlyIdeas offers compared to the services offered by the “normal” NAMING agencies is to provide a list of already potentially registrable brands, pre-filtered with respect to legal prohibitions existing in the various Trademark Registers of the Countries of interest for the new Brand.

This is possible thanks to the combined work of naming, marketing and growth hacking experts and intellectual property specialists (lawyers and trademark attorneys) in a single operative team. In this way customers avoid waste of time and money with non-viable trademarks proposals.

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.- Fabrizio Miazzetto, CEO & Founder