General Terms and Conditions

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The following words and phrases, which are frequently used in these General Terms and Conditions, shall have the meanings as specified below and shall apply regardless of where they are used in this Service Agreement.

Client or you

The addressee of the Engagement Letter, who has contracted #NotOnlyIdeas.

Engagement Letter

A letter that describes the engagement to which these General Terms and Conditions are attached.


#NotOnlyIdeas bv with company registration number BE0645.984.762, having its registered office at 3090 Overijse, Vlierbeekberg 90.


#NotOnlyIdeas bv and/or the Client.


The professional services that need to be provided by #NotOnlyIdeas bv based on the Engagement Letter.

Service Agreement

These General Terms and Conditions and the Engagement Letter, together with any other document referred to in the Engagement Letter.

Article 1: area of application

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all professional relationships between #NotOnlyIdeas and its Client, regardless of the existence of the Client’s own general terms and conditions, even if they are more recent, unless they have been expressly accepted by #NotOnlyIdeas in writing, in whole or in part.

An amendment to #NotOnlyIdeas’ General Terms and Conditions is only possible in so far it has been explicitly accepted and signed in writing by an authorised representative of each of the contracting Parties.

The Service Agreement sets forth the entire agreement and intent of the Parties regarding #NotOnlyIdeas’ obligations regarding the Services and replaces all prior agreements and understandings entered into between them in writing, either verbally, or tacitly.

Article 2: conclusion of the Service Agreement

The Service Agreement between #NotOnlyIdeas and the Client is concluded either at the time that #NotOnlyIDeas receives the Engagement Letter, duly signed by the Client, or at the time that #NotOnlyIdeas start the delivery of the Services at the Client’s request, if this commencement were to take place at an earlier time. As long as #NotOnlyIdeas has not received an Engagement Letter by return post signed by the Client, all professional relationships between #NotOnlyIdeas and the Client shall in any case be governed by the Service Agreement, from the moment and to the extent that the Service Agreement has been transferred to the Client either by letter, or by e-mail, or in person by hand delivery against proof of receipt.

A #NotOnlyIdeas quote is valid for 30 calendar days. It only counts in its entirety and offers no guarantee for prices in the future. All prices are without VAT and are calculated in EUR.

The nullity of a clause shall be limited to that clause and shall not affect the other provisions of the agreement. The parties undertake to make all necessary efforts to replace a clause that appears to be null and void or unenforceable with a clause that is as close as possible to the result that the annulled clause is intended to achieve.

Article 3: provision of information to #NotOnlyIdeas by the Client

For #NotOnlyIdeas to provide its Services, the Client shall in due course provide the necessary assistance to #NotOnlyIdeas and provide correct, complete, reliable data, access to analytics, and documents, even if this information originates from third parties. Unless expressly agreed in writing, #NotOnlyIdeas shall not verify the data and documents submitted by the Client. #NotOnlyIdeas may claim additional costs resulting from a delay in the provision of the Services as a result of the Client’s failure to comply with the provisions of this article 3.

The Client shall inform #NotOnlyIdeas of any information or development that comes to its knowledge and which could have an influence on the Services.

#NotOnlyIdeas may rely on any instruction, request or notification or information given, orally or in writing, by any person of whom it knows or of whom it can reasonably assume that this person has been authorised by the Client to communicate with it for such purposes.

Article 4: performance of the engagement

#NotOnlyIdeas determines how and by whom the Services will be performed. The Services will be performed expertly and with care based on the information provided. #NotOnlyIdeas reserves the right to replace the persons who will be involved in the provision of Services, as specified in the Engagement Letter, by other persons with the same or similar abilities. If the Client wishes to involve third parties in the provision of the Services, he shall only do so after having reached an agreement with #NotOnlyIdeas.

#NotOnlyIdeas is not obliged to update a report, advice or any other product of the Services, orally or in writing, as a result of events that take place after the advice, report or the product in question has been delivered in its final form, unless it has been expressly agreed to provide such an update during the term of the commitment.

The Client agrees that #NotOnlyIdeas can communicate with the Client by e-mail in the context of the services. If #NotOnlyIdeas works with third parties for the provision of the Services, all communication shall go through #NotOnlyIdeas, unless otherwise agreed.

Without detracting from our responsibility relating to our Services, the Client remains responsible for:

    • Its policy management decisions and its operational management.
    • Making all decisions that may affect our Services or the result thereof, or which may affect the Client’s interests.

Article 5: extra works

#NotOnlyIdeas shall not carry out any extra work without notifying the Client in advance. The latter shall receive a new price proposal for this or chooses to have the extra work carried out on a time and expense basis at a previously agreed hourly rate.

During the execution of the engagement the Client may propose adjustments, additions or corrections to the scope. Possible adjustments, additions or corrections at the Client’s request may result in a price adjustment.

Article 6: invoicing

Upon confirmation of the engagement, the Client is obliged to pay an advance to the amount of 30% of the invoice amount, including VAT. On termination of the engagement, the customer is obliged to pay the balance of the invoice amount, including VAT.

The Client expresses its explicit agreement with #NotOnlyIdeas’ electronic invoicing, unless otherwise agreed. The Client receives the invoice at the e-mail address specified or the e-mail address with which he accepted the quote.

For an engagement lasting more than 30 calendar days, #NotOnlyIdeas invoices the delivered performance monthly on the basis of a detailed activity report.

Article 7: term and termination

The quote may specify an execution deadline of the engagement. The execution deadline provided by #NotOnlyIdeas is purely indicative, unless otherwise agreed. It shall respect these deadlines to the best of its abilities.

If the Client wishes to terminate the Service Agreement prematurely, before the awarded engagement has been terminated or before the agreed term has expired, it shall inform #NotOnlyIdeas of this in writing 1 month in advance. The period of notice of 1 month starts on the day after the acknowledgement of the termination. All delivered performance and incurred costs, increased with a conventional compensation of 15%, are due in any case and will be invoiced at the end. In the event of early termination, the Client shall also owe a termination fee of 30% of the residual value of the commission that was not performed due to the early termination.

Article 8: objection

If a client does not agree with an invoice, an objection must be filed by registered letter within 8 calendar days. Otherwise, #NotOnlyIdeas shall consider the invoice as having been accepted.

Article 9: term of payment

The term of payment of every invoice is 30 calendar days after the invoice date.
All invoices must be paid on the due date and without discount.
In the absence of a correct payment on the due date, the Client, by operation of law and without notice of default, shall owe #NotOnlyIdeas damages of 15% of the invoice amount with a minimum of 50 € per invoice, except if # NotOnlyIdeas is able to prove it suffered more damage.
In addition, an interest on arrears to the amount of the interest rate laid down by the Minister of Finance in accordance with Article 5 of the Act of 2 August 2002 on arrears in payment in commercial transactions shall apply. All judicial and extra-judicial collection charges are payable by the Client.
Overdue invoices give #NotOnlyIdeas the right to suspend current engagement until full payment has been made, without the Client having any recourse against this, nor being able to claim any damage.

Article 10: liability

All #NotOnlyIdeas’ services are provided in good faith. #NotOnlyIdeas’ commitment is a best-effort commitment.
#NotOnlyIdeas is not liable for inaccuracies in briefing documents, incorrect figures, incorrect or incomplete information received from the Client.
#NotOnlyIdeas is not liable, except in case of fraud, gross negligence or deliberate misconduct. #NotOnlyIdeas’s liability shall in any case be restricted to foreseeable, direct and personal damage suffered. Under no circumstance can #NotOnlyIdeas be held liable for indirect damage (loss of business opportunities, loss of profit, commercial losses, disappointing expectations, missed subsidies, loss of data or the disclosure of confidential information, etc.). #NotOnlyIdeas’s liability can never be more than the compensation that the Client paid to #NotOnlyIdeas for commissions in the calendar year in which the Client suffered the damage.

Article 11: non-disclosure

Both the Client and #NotOnlyIdeas shall treat all information they receive in the context of an engagement confidentially. The industrial secrets or any confidential information may not be disclosed to third parties or used for purposes other than for the performance of the contract, even after termination of the Service Agreement. Among others, the Client may not share #NotOnlyIdeas’ working method and documents with third parties without prior written approval. A penalty of forty thousand euros shall be payable.

Article 12: intellectual property rights

Both the Client and #NotOnlyIdeas must respect all intellectual property rights of the other party or of a third party. Nothing in this agreement shall be construed or interpreted as a transfer of the intellectual property rights of one party to the other party.

Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, #NotOnlyIdeas remains the holder of the intellectual property rights (including – but not limited to – the copyrights, the rights to drawings and models, scripts and other items on carriers) on all sketches, designs, images, ideas, texts or any other material created or communicated in the course of the execution of the commission, or documentation created or communicated within the context of the commission, including the delivered result and regardless of the provisional or final nature thereof. #NotOnlyIdeas has the right to use also these sketches, designs, images, ideas, texts, or any other material or documentation created or communicated within the context of the commission for the performance of commissions for third parties.

The Client is only permitted to use the result of the commission delivered by #NotOnlyIdeas for the purpose as described in the quote. Any use that differs from the quote is not permitted, except with #NotOnlyIdeas’ prior written consent.

Article 13: processing of personal data

The Client confirms that the personal data it discloses to #NotOnlyIdeas in the context of the provision of services and the Service Agreement, shall be processed in accordance with the provisions and principles of the GDPR and other applicable legal regulations. #NotOnlyIdeas acts as data controller within the context of its Services, whereby #NotOnlyIdeas must also comply with certain legal obligations and transactions. #NotOnlyIdeas shall process the received personal data as data controller on the grounds of the Service Agreement. #NotOnlyIdeas takes appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the personal data against unauthorised and unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction, alteration or damage of the personal data, in accordance with the GDPR. #NotOnlyIdeas may disclose the personal data to employees and/or third parties who support #NotOnlyIdeas for the provsion of the Services. They shall also take the necessary and appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the personal data.

The parties shall inform each other without delay as soon as they receive a request from a data subject or become aware of any dispute or complaint relating to the processing of personal data and as soon as they are informed of any infringement giving rise to the destruction, loss or unlawful disclosure of personal data in the possession of the parties.

Furthermore, you will inform #NotOnlyIdeas without delay if you become aware of an infringement of any of the provisions of the GDPR with regard to the processing of your personal data.

Article 14: default

#NotOnlyIdeas reserves the right to request proof of creditworthiness of the Client from the moment of non-payment or late payment. If the Client does not provide this evidence, #NotOnlyIdeas has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect.
If necessary, the Client is not entitled to damages or any other compensation from #NotOnlyIdeas.

Article 15: applicable law

The agreement between the Client and #NotOnlyIdeas, and all agreements arising from this are governed by Belgian law. Only the courts and tribunals of the district of Halle-Vilvoorde have jurisdiction.